Zac Tiessen

 “A guitarist and composer who creates highly complex, but melodic heavy metal numbers”

—CBC News

For the first thirteen years of his life, Zac Tiessen was the rambunctious younger brother of a child prodigy.  While his older brother, Josh, devoted long stretches of time to his artwork, Zac ransacked the house for toys, scoured the surroundings for anything climbable, and exalted in the company of other kids. But after Zac banged his head against a church floor, everything changed.  Zac was quieter, more reserved.  When a friend bought him a guitar at a flea market, the child who couldn’t sit still demonstrated a startling new obsession with music.  He practiced for hours each day, learning chords, perfecting complicated guitar solos, and ultimately composing.  Since his head injury, he has taught himself to play the six-string electric guitar, the eight-string electric guitar, the balalaika, and the baritone ukulele.  He has enrolled in the Berklee College of Music distance-education program, crafted more than thirty original songs, was written up twice in Guitar World, and has received a number of endorsements from music equipment companies.   

Live concert in Toronto (17 years old) 

“TSU (Remastered)” (17 years old) 

“Infinity” (18 years old) 



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Zac’s bio, press/media, and links to all his music and social media can be found here