Josh Tiessen

“A 17-year-old brilliant artist”

Huffington Post Live

Josh Tiessen was never into coloring books.  He loved art, but even as a toddler he only wanted to draw original pieces.  By the time he was five, Josh was producing increasingly impressive drawings, “Joshy originals,” as his parents jokingly referred to them.  After being discovered by a local artist, Josh had his first exhibition at eleven.  His detailed pictures of animals and architecture caught the eye of famed Canadian painter Robert Bateman a few years later. He has since been named one of Canada’s Top 20 Under 20, sold a painting for over C$23,000, and won the Creative Achievement Award at a selective International Guild of Realism exhibition for Ahoy Sleeper, a haunting depiction of a diver emerging from the water at night.

Art from ages 10-15 with clips from tv interview

Canada’s Top 20 Under 20

Recent Short Film



Josh’s bio, CV, portfolio, press/media and more can be found here