Jonathan Russell

“conjures sophisticated improvisations on the melodies of jazz standards” 

The New York Times, written when Jonathan was seven

Jonathan Russell began his music career as a tot with an uncanny knack for jazz improvisation that landed him on stage with the likes of Les Paul, Bucky Pizzarelli, and Wynton Marsalis.  He became engrossed with film scoring around the time he was twelve.  Countless new arrangements for Pirates of the Caribbean, The Lord of the Rings, and a litany of other blockbusters later, Russell has built up an encyclopedic knowledge of film scores.  For the last seven years, he has been composing original pieces, including scoring a feature film and a web TV show for kids.  The twenty-year-old musician likens his brain to a runaway iPod.  But instead of playing songs that already exist, it’s constantly composing original music.   



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