Greg Grossman

“A wunderkind in the restaurant business”

 The Wall Street Journal

As a child, Greg Grossman took to the kitchen like a moth to flame, conjuring up special “candlelight dinners” for his parents and dictating produce selection at the grocery store.  At thirteen, he began catering events in the Hamptons (and it was hardly kid fare—his first gig featured salmon gravlax with shiso crème fraîche).  By the end of that summer, he calculated for the New York Post that he had prepared seventy-five pounds of scallops, thirty pounds of salmon, and two hundred micro-green salads for parties, fundraisers, and art gallery openings.  He darted between industry events and catering jobs throughout his teens, and in recent summers, he has served as the executive chef at two different restaurants in the Hamptons.  The twenty-year-old chef is now involved with Kettlebell Kitchen, a Paleo food delivery service, and is working on launching two new restaurants in Manhattan. 



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