Autumn de Forest

“The pint-sized Picasso”

—Inside Edition

At just fourteen years old, Autumn de Forest is already a sought-after artist.  She specializes in brightly colored interpretations of iconic art works (picture a pink crayon substituted for the pitchfork in Grant Wood’s American Gothic or Jasper John’s bull’s-eye targets replaced with nesting hearts).  Her career took off nearly as soon as she laid brush to canvas.  After discovering painting at five, she sold her first piece at seven; the next year, her paintings generated more than $100,000 in sales in a single auction.  Since then, Autumn’s artwork has been featured in exhibitions and auctions across the country.  She was recently honored with a Giuseppe Sciacca Award at the Vatican, is active with Turnaround Arts, an organization that provides arts education programs to low-performing schools, and travels frequently to discuss her art with collectors.


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For  individual TV clips, an electronic press kit, press clips, or images of Autumn’s art, visit her website here.